Interactive 3D generative art meets PFP's, with fully on-chain animations and 3d models. Minting on Gamma June 24.

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Part of Gamma's Generative June

We're SO excited to be featured in Gamma's celebration of Generative Art on BTC!

We will be minting on June 24th, featured in the third week of drops.

Note: Consider minting with a Block9 or an Uncommon sat to expose secret traits.

Fully On-Chain 3D Assets

The various GenSkullz traits include more than a dozen fully on-chain 3D models, from the skull itself, to hats to mustaches to eyes.

Large and detailed 3D models are very difficult to inscribe on BTC, due to their filesize.

By combining and manipulating multiple low-poly 3D models, we're able to create a far more engaging visual experience than we could with a single asset.

Multiple Unique Animations

By manipulating the different portions of our skull geometry, we're able to create unique movements that each have their own personality.

Animations use trigonometry and advanced math functions to simulate realistic movement.

There are 6 unique animations to collect.

Generative Background Art

The Stage below the Skull is created by a complex GLSL Shader algorithm, including over a dozen parameters.

The Inscription ID as well as the attributes of the Sat used to mint will alter the behavior of the Stage.

Each Stage is provable unique from the Stage under every other skull.

Secret Hidden Traits for Rare Sats.

GenSkullz are Sat Aware!! This means that the rendering code detects the type of Sat that was provided for the mint.

Several traits can only show up on certain special sats. Consider minting with an Uncommon or a Block9 for some absolutely glowing traits!

Interactive Camera and Menu

Zoom and rotate your view of the GenSkull with your mouse or touchscreen using THREE.js's OrbitControls

Invert the colors, rotate the hues, and modify the saturation of each GenSkull using the on-chain menu in the top-right.

PFP's for Human Connection

We love generative art, but we've always felt that it's tougher to feel connected and attached to a piece of Generative Art that doesn't have a face.

The unique GenSkullz traits have their own personality, and you can find the Skull that resonates the most with you, and have a truly personalized Generative Art piece!

Access to RUNE HelperBot Alpha Caller

Our team has developed a RUNE alpha caller Telegram bot, which uses a proprietary 7-parameter algorithm to identify new trending Rune mints with big potential while they're still in the mint phase, and evaluate them on a 100 point system.

This bot is token-gated to holders of BTC Substance ecosystem projects.

Why Choose Substance?

  • 01

    Exclusive Collection

    As a small collection of only 100 pieces, each inscribed on valuable sats, an investment in a Substance will make you part of an exclusive group..

  • 02

    Inventive Tech

    We are the first project to grow and breathe with the block chain. Your piece will look different to reflect days of high fees and long blocks.

  • 03

    Collection Ecosystem

    Owning a Substance gives you ownership of a piece of Bitspace, and entitles you to future airdrops and claims from within the ecosystem.

  • 04

    Valuable Sats and Provenance

    Our collection is inscribed entirely on valuable sats, and utilizes parent-child inscription provenance. As the ordinals ecosystem matures, these traits are likely to become more valuable.

Secure Your GenSkull